shamanic alchemy to align with your soul

  • Alchemy—the art of turning of lead into gold, the density of our material existence into the light of spiritual awakening

  • Essence—true nature, the purest energetic signature of any substance or being

Alchemessence™ began as a botanical perfume line—every bottle containing an exquisite synergy of artistry, aroma, and alchemy.

Yet, I soon realized that alchemy and essence lie at the heart of all I do. Today, Alchemessence™ is a healing practice and apothecary specializing in shamanic alchemy—the integration of shamanism, spiritual aromatherapy, and subtle body healing.

Shamanic alchemy helps you break free from unconscious programming that does not serve your highest good—so you can align with your purpose and greatest potential in this lifetime.

Through shamanic healing and sacred alchemy, you’ll undergo a process of de-conditioning, gently letting go of all that isn’t you or yours to carry.

I offer shamanic healing sessions, aromatic soul medicine, and a variety of workshops and handmade products.

My approach embraces our fundamental spiritual nature while celebrating the wild ride of being in a human body.

Shamanic alchemy is powerful, and I strive to bring impeccable skill and heart to my practice, grounding each offering in integrity, wisdom, and compassion.

The world needs you to show up free and empowered to live your truth. Begin your journey today.


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