Aromatherapy Consultations

Aromatherapy consultations combine energy healing with holistic aromatherapy to enhance your well-being on all levels. You may add an aromatherapy consultation to any healing session or book a stand alone consultation at $100 per hour.



potent healing for mind, body, and soul

As a clinical aromatherapist, I work with the therapeutic application of essential oils.

Physically, our bodies naturally assimilate the pharmacological components of essential oils. This can happen through topical application, inhalation, and internal use (only recommended under supervision by a qualified professional). When used correctly, aromatherapy products can have wonderful benefits for our physical, mental, and emotional health.

As a shamanic practitioner, I work with the vibrational signature of essential oils and the alchemy of transmission.

The physical body is only one part of our whole self. Look beyond the surface, and you’ll uncover a universe of subtle energy. Through sacred alchemy, I create vibrational blends designed to support your healing energetically—using essential oils as well as flower and crystal essences.

I infuse every product with the essence of transmission during sacred ceremony. This means that every time you use your blend, you receive a direct infusion of spiritual healing.

Your Session

Sessions are available in-person and online. Your cost includes your session, my research, and a customized aromatherapy protocol. I’ll provide you with a variety of aromatherapy recommendations, as well as herbal and flower essence suggestions.

Custom products are at an additional cost, and I’ll keep your recipes on file so you can re-order anytime.

Your products will ship for free within the lower 48 states, usually within two weeks of your session. Shipping to additional locations is available at standard shipping rates.

What Types of Aromatherapy Products Are Possible?

There are many reasons to get a custom aromatherapy consultation—and just as many types of products. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • A healing salve for muscle aches and pains, bruises, scarring, or eczema

  • An aromatherapy mist for PMS, stress relief, or headaches

  • A custom diffuser blend to support meditation, energy healing, or other spiritual work

  • An aphrodisiac body oil to set the mood

  • Safe products for use with children, pregnancy, and animals

  • An anointing oil to continue working with energy healing at home

  • Beauty products—from face oils and mists to hair perfumes and bath salts

  • Gift sets—lotions, body scrubs, and more in delicious natural fragrances

Combine aromatherapy with shamanic healing

This is a powerful combination for truly holistic healing. Wondering what this might look like? Here are just a few examples . . .

  • Imagine you come in with bruises after an accident. Our session might involve shamanic work around the accident—such as a soul retrieval—along with a salve that physically soothes your bruises, provides emotional comfort whenever you use it, and contains a transmission of your returned soul essence.

  • Maybe you’d like to heal past family trauma. We might begin with cord-cutting and a custom aromatic blend to support healthy boundaries and self-esteem.

  • If you’re suffering from chronic illness, your session might involve healing herbal remedies, clinical aromatherapy products, and shamanic work around the root spiritual causes of your disease.

  • Perhaps you’re in a stage of rapid spiritual growth and want to better work with your dreams. Our session might include energy work to open clear channels to spirit along with a night time blend to enhance lucid dreaming.

  • If your relationship is in a rut, a session could provide a divination around the big picture, energy healing, and a custom blend to enhance romance.


Contact me to set up your Session

Interested in a purely vibrational aromatherapy blend? You might want to take a look at the Soul Synergy Sessions.

Hoping for a bespoke perfume? I have a very small number of slots open each year. Email me at for more information.