Autumn in the Mountains - A Poem


Autumn is by far my favorite season. The golden glow of the aspen and the scent of wet earth, the abundant harvest before the gardening season ends, and the seasonal shift to turn inward and embrace quieter times . . . and my birthday (Libra, here), so maybe I’m just a bit biased.

This poem, an ode to fall in the mountains, was originally published on my old site ( It still comes to mind this season, so here it is again, along with a few new pictures from this year’s autumn mountain retreat.

Autumn in the Mountains

Golden leaves turn to flame

Lit by sun and backed by gray

Mountain valerian scents the trail

Embraced, sustained by fall’s sweet veil

Puddles and bones and smell of death

In beautiful waves, fill my breath

Cool autumn brings earth aware

Of coming sleep, and beasts prepare

Behind the breeze, antlers loom

A gift, a blessing, deep commune

by Juniper Stokes