My Journey

The spiritual and healing arts have always been a part of my life. My parents taught me about meditation, the spirit world, and natural healing at a very young age.

I remember hiking with my parents as soon as I could walk, my mother pointing out different plants and teaching me to communicate with them as conscious beings, my father helping me tune into my energy body for strength when I got tired.

By the time I was high school, I was already reading tarot, practicing Reiki, and studying with a psychic.

My first shamanic initiation happened in 1997, and I've dedicated myself to this path ever since. My most influential teachers are Sandra Ingerman and Julie M. Kramer, along with Amanda Fougler from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Ann Drucker with her teachings in Mayan shamanism. I'm delighted to currently be in Sandra Ingerman's teacher training program, which allows me to teach core shamanic workshops that meet the perquisites for advanced shamanic study in her lineage.

My aromatherapy journey began in the late 1990s, as well. My mom and I began using essential oils without really knowing much about what we were doing, and within a few years, my mom enrolled in an aromatherapy certification program. I unofficially learned alongside her, and together we launched Essential Life Aromatherapy, a small aromatherapy company that carried a variety of healing products. Eventually, I decided to pursue my own certification, and in 2018 I graduated from a 3-year clinical aromatherapy training.

I believe that natural perfume is one of the most potent soul medicines available to us. In 2012, I began my professional training with the Natural Perfumery Institute. I now bring together my background in aromatherapy—and the physical and energetic healing abilities of essential oils—with a well-honed ability to create exquisite perfumes. Each bottle carries a synergy of aromas and subtle energies. This is true alchemy and one of my greatest passions.

Most recently, my love of healing with plants has lead me to herbalism. For the past several years, I've studied in the Wise Woman Way with Ann Drucker, Brigitte Mars, and any other opportunity I come across. I wildcraft sustainable and ethical healing products with native Rocky Mountain plants, and I now integrate herbs, essential oils, and crystal and flower essences into my custom blends.

A life-long maker, my creations don't stop with aromatherapy and perfume. I've been making art since I could hold a pencil. I received my bachelors degree in studio art and psychology, and I've continued to study with artists throughout the world, including batik in Bali, a painting intensive in San Miguel de Allende, and student showcase in The Netherlands. My work is currently on display at the Aar River Gallery in Westminster, CO.

My interest in spirituality and wellness led me to yoga and pranayama in 2006. After training extensively in Thailand and Japan, I received my RYT200 certification in Bali and completed my pranayama teacher training with Paul Dallaghan at Samahita in 2011. (I do not mention where I received my YTT because it still exists and is run by a dangerous man . . . part of my learning and healing path, but nothing I would send others to.)

Central to my journey in wellness and spirituality has been a desire to fully embrace the sensual nature of being in a human body. I actually started my first blog back in 2006, entitled Living through the Senses. It was basically an exploration of all the ways we can treat ourselves—art for the eyes, music for the ears, perfume for the nose, yoga for the body, and of course, food for the tongue.

Cooking has continued to be one of my greatest loves. I’ve taken cooking classes around the world and now focus on cooking with the seasons, celebrating wild foods whenever I can. I create mostly vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free meals, often adding a touch of play and celebration to my creations—edible pine cones, colorful fairy cakes, vegetable mandalas . . . due to popular request, I'll be sharing my favorite recipes on the blog

Reach out with any questions—I’m always happy to hear from you!

With love, Juniper

Juniper Stokes