Power Animal Readings

Discover one of your power animals with a power animal reading. Available worldwide, no session required. $45

Add a custom aromatic mist infused with the essence of your power animal for $35.

Contact me to get yours. Also available as gifts.


What’s your power animal?

This is probably the question I hear the most when the topic of shamanism comes up. The truth is, most of us have several power animals—some are with us our entire lives and some come and go depending on our needs and their gifts for us.

Due to popular demand, I’m now offering Power Animal Readings as a stand alone offering!

Your Power Animal Reading will help you:

  • Discover one of your personal power animals

  • Understand more about what power animals are

  • Learn new ways to work with your power animal in daily life

  • Receive healing and an empowerment of your life force energy

  • Explore not only the traditional meanings associated with your animal, but the unique gifts it has for you

Power Animal Readings are very potent medicine. Getting to know your power animals and cultivating relationships with them helps you discover your innate power, access your unique gifts, and feel less alone in the world. Many people notice significant and positive changes in their lives from a power animal retrieval alone—especially children.


How it works

To make these sessions as accessible as possible, I’m offering them online only at a discounted rate.

Once I receive your payment, I’ll perform a complete Power Animal Retrieval ceremony on your behalf. This will occur within one week of your payment and request. Then, I’ll either send you a short email with information about your animal, or we can hop on a 10-15 minute phone call—your choice!

After your session, it’s up to you to nurture this relationship. The more you directly connect with and learn about the animal, the more integrated your healing becomes.

Power Animal Retrievals are $45.

What’s your power animal?
Power Animal Mists

Power animal mists

Add a custom power animal mist for $35.

Your power animal mist will contain a custom blend of approximately 3-7 essential oils and natural essences. I create this synergy in sacred ceremony, and it will contain a complete transmission of your power animal’s medicine, acting as a catalyst for your healing, transformation, and ultimately, your awakening.

This offering is one of my Soul Synergies™, which are unlike your common essential oil blends. While they often include the essential oils you’re familiar with—lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, jasmine, and the like—you might also find ingredients like eaglewood, fleabane, mastic, burnt sea shells, boronia flower, hay, gold flakes, lotus essence, or elixir of moldovite.

Your synergy comes in a 2oz glass spray bottle, shipped for free within the continental U.S. (additional locations available for a shipping fee). Please allow up to 2 weeks for this to ship, as it’s a custom product. I’ll keep your recipe on file, so you can re-order anytime!


Email me to book your session now: alchemessence@gmail.com