Sacred Anointing

Sacred Anointing is available as an add-on for shamanic healing sessions and includes alchemical anointing oils along with crystal grids. Add Sacred Anointing to any in-person shamanic healing session for $35.

Your Session

Anointing is an ancient art form—it’s no coincidence that every spiritual culture throughout history has turned to aromatics for healing, blessing, and ritual. Adding a Sacred Anointing treatment to your session creates an energetic matrix to both act as a container for our work and enhance the healing that takes place.


Before your session, I journey to my helping spirits to see which anointing oils and crystals will be most supportive for your healing, as well as to get the layouts for the healing grids we’ll use.

During your session, I’ll place various alchemical oil blends at specific energy points on your body. I handcraft all of my alchemical anointing oils in conjunction with the helping spirits. Each carries a unique vibratory essence that, when applied to specific points, creates an energetic matrix of healing for your subtle energy system.

Crystals also carry very specific vibrations. Your crystal treatment may include laying of crystals on your body, holding a specific crystal in your hands, or a crystal grid I’ve prepared in the treatment room.

With Sacred Anointing, you’ll receive powerful energetic support and deeper integration for your session.

Sacred Anointing treatments can only be done in person. However, you are welcome to purchase an anointing oil to support yourself during a distance session.

Add a Sacred Anointing Treatment—$35

To schedule, mention “Sacred Anointing” when you book your shamanic healing session.

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