Soul SynergySessions

My most popular offering. Receive a complete shamanic session and a bespoke alchemical Soul Synergy™ to support your integration.

$185 | 90m session + custom Soul Synergy™

Your Alchemical Soul Synergy™

A Soul Synergy™ is a custom blend of essential oils and natural essences.

Each one contains a transmission of the work done during our session, acting as a catalyst for your healing, transformation, and ultimately, your awakening.

Soul Synergies™ are unlike your common essential oil blends. While they will likely include the essential oils you’re familiar with—lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, jasmine, and the like—you might also find ingredients like eaglewood, fleabane, mastic, burnt sea shells, boronia flower, gold flakes, or hay.

The Process

I create each unique Soul Synergy™ in conjunction with our helping spirits. At the end of our session, I’ll journey to receive instructions for your unique synergy. We'll discuss your own relationship with plants, crystals, and natural essences, including any allergies or strong preferences I should be aware of.

Your synergy comes in either a 2oz mist and will contain up to 9 essences specifically chosen for their vibrational signatures. I’ll select your essences from my extensive collection of natural aromas (including essential oils, absolutes, CO2s, and handcrafted infusions), along with crystal and flower essences. 

I'll blend your synergy in sacred ceremony after your session. I’m usually able to ship custom synergies within 2 weeks. Both your synergy and shipping (within the continental US) are included in your session cost. 

Your Soul Synergy™ is unique to you, and I’ll keep your recipe on file so you can re-order your custom blend anytime.

When to get a Soul Synergy™

Soul Synergies™ are wonderful for any type of shamanic healing, whether to commemorate a curse unraveling, provide extra protection and integration after energy work, or simply to act as a reminder of the major lessons and gifts you've received during a session

That said, I find Soul Synergies™ to be especially useful for Power Animal Retrievals, Connecting with Benevolent Teachers, and True Self Rememberings.

In the case of power animals and benevolent teachers (such as angels, deities, and other guides), I'll create a blend that is infused with their spirit and and energy. Whenever you use this blend, you'll receive an energetic empowerment of their essence. 

A True Self Remembering reminds you of who you really are, revealing the unique gifts and blessings you were born with, as well as your soul’s path in this lifetime. Different from your Higher Self, which many people think of as your eternal, transcendent spirit or soul, your True Self is the term I use for your soul’s “blueprint” for this particular life. Wearing or inhaling this blend empowers you with the memory of who you really are.

Session Pricing

$185 includes a 90 minute session, a custom Soul Synergy™, and free shipping within the lower 48 states. (Shipping available worldwide for an additional cost.)

Reorder your custom blend for $40-$60.

Contact Me to set up your Soul Synergy Session.

*Please note: Soul Synergies™ are not perfumes. The primary intention behind your Soul Synergy blend is its vibrational signature, rather than its aroma. I have a very small number of bespoke perfume slots open each year. Contact me at for more information.