Introduction to Shamanic Journeying


Learn the dynamic art of shamanic journeying in this 2-day workshop.

The shamanic journey is a practice that allows you to awaken your innate ability to communicate with the spirit world in order to receive guidance and healing for yourself and others.

In this 2-day experiential workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore classical shamanism and its history

  • Learn to journey to the upper, lower, and middle worlds

  • Meet with benevolent helping spirits

  • Discover a power animal for yourself and a partner

  • Practice the art of divination

  • Begin developing your personal map of the unseen worlds

  • Understand the keys to successful journeying in our modern culture

This workshop usually takes place from 10am - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Regular cost is $175 for the full weekend (includes tea, snacks, and a shamanic gift bag).

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When you gather four or more friends, we can work together to find a date and location that work for you. The host receives complementary tuition when we meet at your location.

One-day introductory workshops are also available.


Additional Shamanic Training

Medicine for the Earth & Healing with Spiritual Light

Medicine for the Earth

Developed by Sandra Ingerman, these classes are open to anyone who wants to deepen their connection with spirit and the natural world.

Healing with Spiritual Light teaches the art of transfiguration. You’ll learn to heal your own toxic thoughts, connect with the “blessing field”, and become a force of light in the world.

Medicine for the Earth helps us bring much needed healing to our planet and all her inhabitants. You’ll learn to work with the elements, form relationships with different nature beings, and cultivate your own ability to communicate with the natural world.

There are no prerequisites for these workshops, though some journeying experience is recommended.

Free Talks

Do you have a group interested in learning more about shamanism? I offer free, experiential lectures on shamanism, from simple talks to 90 minute lectures with an introductory shamanic journey.


Aromatherapy Workshops

Private aromatherapy classes are available for groups of 6 or more. Classes start at 2 hours and $65 per person, with duration and price depending on both the topic and potential take-home products. I’m happy to customize classes according to your interests and needs.

Aromatherapy Workshops

Topics may include:

  • an introduction to aromatherapy

  • green cleaning

  • beginning perfume

  • aromatherapy for colds & flu season

  • making healing salves

  • personal face oils

  • subtle aromatherapy

  • the chakra system

  • aromatic morphology

  • and many other areas

Contact me here or email for all workshop-related inquiries.

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