What Happens During a Shamanic Session?

Are you curious about coming to a shamanic healing session, but don’t quite know what to expect? Then this is for you!

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Every shamanic session begins with an intake conversation. This is your chance to tell me why you came to this appointment and everything that’s going on in your life. The more information you share, the better.

Why? First, this information helps me know what I might want to pay more attention to during my diagnostic journey and helps me understand how the messages I receive might apply to your current experience. Second, I want to be sensitive to how I share information with you. Knowing what you’re already aware of helps me understand where you might need more context and where I can dive right in.

Once the intake conversation is complete, I’ll do a diagnostic journey. This is where the helping spirits tell us what types of healing will be most beneficial for you.

Next, I’ll follow the instructions from our helping spirits to provide you with shamanic healing, divination, and mentoring. Though a session can focus on any one of these areas, all three will usually play a role.

Here’s a quick breakdown:


From a shamanic perspective, all illness, whether emotional, mental, or physical, first appears in the subtle body. Shamanic healing sessions address spiritual and energetic imbalances using a variety of techniques and energy work.

Often, I'll combine shamanism with my background in aromatherapy and plant medicine to bring about an even more holistic healing protocol. This may involve anything from an anointing treatment, to vibrational blends for you to take home, to a set of physically healing products infused with the energy of our session.


Divination is the art of communicating with the spirit world. Every shamanic healing session involves at least some divination, though you may choose for this to be the main focus. Divination allows you to ask questions about your relationships, purpose, current challenges, and more, as well as to communicate with spirit guides, loved ones on the other side, and the spirits of nature.

During a session, I'll sometimes communicate directly with the helping spirits in a journey, or I'll allow them to speak through me with the practice of mediumship.

Throughout the world, shamans have used a variety of tools for divination—from tea leaves, to throwing of the bones, to reading candle flames. I've been working with the Tarot and other oracle cards since I was 14 years old and offer card readings to support your divination session.


Shamanic healing sessions are also an opportunity for you to learn how to incorporate shamanic principles into your own life. This could be as simple as a bit of “homework” from your helping spirits, or it could be more in-depth training session that allows you to refine your journeying skills and eventually use shamanic healing for yourself and others.

Finally, our session concludes with integration and instructions for returning to regular life in a good way.

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