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Individual Offerings

Private shamanic healing sessions, aromatherapy consultations, & bespoke perfume packages are available both online and in person.


Check here for upcoming workshop dates and locations. Small group workshops are available by request and may be customized for your needs and interests.


The apothecary carries a range of alchemical products to support your spiritual practice and healing journey. Coming Soon.


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Botanical Alchemy

Aromatherapy Consultations & Botanical Perfumes

As a clinically certified aromatherapist, herbalist, and shamanic practitioner, Juniper is gifted with the ability to integrate both the energetic and physical properties of plants into her healing products and sessions. 

As a professionally trained natural perfumer, she creates sacred botanical perfumes that act as potent medicine for the soul.

Private consultations are available for both bespoke aromatherapy products and perfumes.

Flower essences, crystal infusions, and herbal support are often included in Juniper’s alchemical remedies—many of which she gathers and crafts by hand in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

All products are created in sacred ceremony and infused with an intentional energetic matrix.




Discover Your Power Animal

Everyone has one or more power animals—do you know yours? Sign up for a power animal reading to discover one of your animal allies and the special gifts they share with you!

The Power Animal Package

Discover your power animal and receive a custom botanical mist that carries the essence of your sacred animal ally. No session required! This makes a wonderful gift for new births, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions.


Juniper Stokes


Healer, Teacher, Maker

Juniper has dedicated her life to deep study of spiritual and healing pathways, with extensive training in several areas—shamanism, aromatherapy, yoga and pranayama, meditation, botanical perfume, visual arts, herbalism, reiki, tarot, and more. Her healing sessions and teachings are grounded in integrity, wisdom, and compassion.

Learn more about Juniper’s background, training, and approach.


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