Juniper Stokes

Juniper Stokes, MA, CCA, (yes, that’s her given name) is a healer, teacher, and maker. A shamanic practitioner and clinical aromatherapist with two decades of experience in both fields, she offers people from all walks of life an integrative pathway for awakening to their true essence.

Juniper has dedicated her life to deep study of spiritual and healing arts with extensive training in several areas—shamanism, aromatherapy, yoga and pranayama, botanical perfume, visual art, herbalism, nutrition and culinary arts, tarot and divination, writing, energy medicine, meditation, and more . . . you'll often find her reading about neuroscience for good measure.

In her work, Juniper draws from the wisdom of these many pathways in order to create sessions and products that are uniquely healing for each individual.

Juniper’s greatest passion is empowering others to bring shamanic healing and alchemical wisdom into their own lives, which she does both through private coaching and small group trainings.

When she’s not in her apothecary or art studio or working with clients, you can find Juniper writing behind the scenes at Sounds True, backpacking in the Colorado mountains, and spending quality time with her loving man and two feline familiars.

What people are saying

“I first asked for Juniper's help a couple of years ago, when the energy in one room of my house was so painful to me that I had stopped using it entirely. She immediately divined the source of the problem and cleared the space in one day, to my great pleasure, so that I was able to use the room again comfortably for the first time in years. More recently, she's helped me with my backyard; her work there on my behalf has returned a sense of light and vitality to it that I thought was impossible. Juniper's intuition and skill have really improved my experience of home. I highly recommend her! —l.m.

“Working with Juniper is such a pleasure! Juniper's gifts run deep and wide, spilling into every space of a session with her. Her way of holding me in complete compassion and tenderness while maintaining powerful connections to the seen and unseen is tremendously healing. The work we have done together has allowed me to deepen into my path and my medicine in this lifetime. I am so grateful for the gifts she has given me through her special alchemy in this realm and in others—they have been unexpectedly potent blessings on my way.” —k.p.

“Juniper is a gifted healer, teacher, and guide who skillfully weaves together an ethereal fabric of sight, wisdom, creativity, and compassion then wraps it around her clients with care and grace. I have found her shamanic guidance to be informative, transformative, and superlative. Her relationship to spirit is so well tended, and so apparent, that she literally walks through this world as an expression of the Goddess. Juniper's apothecary is extensive and her herbal remedies have soothed, healed, and protected me. Juniper represents all that is balanced and beautiful in this world and beyond and I recommend her completely.” —h.p.

"Juniper met with me and my 15 year old lab, Miss Annie Loo, during the difficult decision process of having to put her down. Juniper's ability to communicate with me what she experienced in her journey with Annie was clear, compassionate, and extremely meaningful to me at a time when I was facing many painful challenges. It gave me the peace of mind and courage I needed to move forward with my decision and to act on it with the utmost love." —l.r.


Shamanism & Spirituality

  • Personal mentorship in Taoist Shamanic Healing (2019-present)

  • The Shamanic Path | A Sounds True Community, group lead & moderator (2019-present)

  • Two-Year Shamanic Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman (2018-2020)

  • Mediumship & Seidr with Betsy Bergstrom (2019)

  • Three-Year Shamanic Practitioner Training with Julie M. Kramer (2017-2019)

  • The Subtle Body Online Training with Cyndi Dale (2019)

  • Maya Healing Intensive, herbal gatherings, and Ix Chel ceremonies with Ann Drucker (2014-2018)

  • Medicine for the Earth & Healing with Spiritual Light with Katherine Wood (2018)

  • Extraction Training with Sylvia Edwards (2018)

  • Five-year study with Amanda Fougler and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS), including: Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature; Shamanism, Dying and Beyond; Power Soul Retrieval; and Extraction (2012-2017)

  • The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey (2017)

  • Three-years study with Pixie Lighthorse's SoulLodge (2012-2015)

  • Visual Quest Shamanic Art Training with Pixie Lighthorse (2012)

  • Core Shamanism Basic Workshop (FSS) with Kim and Sean Leyland in Alice Springs (2005)

  • Psychic Training and Tarot Mentorship with Cindy Gardner (1997-1998)

  • Reiki in Spokane, WA (1997)

  • 20+ years overall study in spiritual practice and over a decade of intensive shamanic training

Aromatherapy & Perfume

  • The Art of Botanical Perfume in-person and online training with Roxanna Villa (2019)

  • Jade Purity Tradition essential oil anointing, personal mentorship (2019-present)

  • 610-hour Clinical Aromatherapy Certification with Beverly Hawkins at the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy (2018)

  • One-year professional training with Anya McCoy at the Natural Perfumery Institute (2012)

  • Foundations of Aromatic Medicine (the internal use of essential oils) with the Franklin Institute of Wellness (2014)

  • National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy Conference (NAHA, 2013)

  • Herbal training and workshops with Ann Drucker, Brigitte Mars, Mindy Green, and the women at Rebecca’s Apothecary (2012 - present)

  • 20+ years experience in aromatherapy and 8 years with natural perfume

Yoga & Pranayama

  • One-month Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) in Ubud, Bali (2011)

  • Three-week Pranayama teacher training at Samahita, Thailand (2011)

  • iRest Yoga Nidra Intensive with Richard Miller in Boulder, CO (2018)

  • One-month Ashtanga Intensive at The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO (2013)

  • 15+ years overall experience with intensive training at Sun & Moon Yoga, Tokyo; at Samahita, Thailand; and throughout Bali, Greece, and the United States


  • BA in psychology and studio art, The Evergreen State College, WA

  • MA in linguistics, Eastern Washington University

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